About Us

Hello! Welcome to SaShay Glow. We are a Mother and Daughter duo walking in our purpose and specializing in all things beautiful. SaShay Glow was birth through my daughters vision. She was part of a Kid Entrepreneur group in our local city. However, as her parent I was a Entrepreneur myself. I created beautiful customize cookies, cakes and other decadent desserts out of my home. 

During the pandemic I noticed my desire and passion to create cookies/cakes was no longer something I wanted to do later in life.  That season of my life was over.  I noticed that I had begin to embrace the dreams I had as a kid. My childhood was full of visions and dreams. I use to spend hours looking through magazines specifically Black magazines (Ebony, Jet, Essence). Reading about Black successful entrepreneurs, politicians, fashion models, actors/actresses, entertainers etc. I was so inspired. So, I decided to jump on board with my baby girl in an effort to fulfil and pursue all the things that brought me true happiness. More importantly be that an example and role model for my daughter and teach her to never abandon her own dreams. Hence, our slogan... SaShay Glow... Where we specialize in ALL things beautiful.  

SaShay Glow is a handmade luxury beauty, bath and skincare products/fashion accessory brand.    

Mission: To inspire others to embrace that vision they had of themselves as a kid and never abandon their dreams.